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Toni Bissell, president and founder of N-Style ID1, is an independent, creative powerhouse and a single mother of two teenage daughters who has an extensive background in health and fitness. She was working as a personal trainer at a Lake Tahoe gym when a sudden illness transformed her family forever. Her then 10 year old daughter, Camille, after a frightening week long stay in the hospital, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Toni’s family focus, already health centered, became even more so. Camille and her mother worked to establish new patterns of eating; they learned how to administer insulin injections and how to check blood sugar many times a day. The impossible task was to find a medical ID bracelet a fashion-conscious young woman would wear.

It didn’t take Toni long to realize that she was being called to help her daughter and others find medical alert jewelry that were fun to wear. Hence, N-Style ID was born.

Toni’s vision is to make the lives of all those dealing with conditions requiring medical ID’s less stressful by providing fun and fashionable medical jewelry. As strong advocates for Organ Donation, Toni and her other daughter, Haley, also wear their own collection of N-Style ID’s™ which simply say “ORGAN DONOR.”